Specific Links on Truthconcepts Blog

Specific Links on Truthconcepts Blog

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Back Stage Method for Getting A Life Insurance Policy Approved

  • Kim has Explore Q&A Meeting with client and sets next action with instructions for company, human life value, person applying, and any additional instructions needed.
  • Theresa pulls application paperwork from company website from state of client residence and saves or prints copy depending on company. Some insurance companies require originals while others allow faxed/emailed copies.
  • Illustrations are run and stored in Client Data Bank in amounts to be applied for along with Truth Concepts.
  • Theresa fills out paperwork as much as possible, highlights or numbers sections for client to fill out as applicable, and crosses through sections not necessary. She also keeps pages not necessary for client to see such as Agent Certification page. Paperwork is also marked with sign here stickers next to every signature line and sticky notes with any additional instructions.
  • Cover letter is typed and printed.
  • Package is sent to client via FedEx along with return envelope.
  • Email is sent to client letting them know paperwork is on it’s way- “insurance approval process” email.
  • Paramed company is called and order placed with all client information and requirements obtained.
  • Client is changed to status Underwriting on record in Database. P4P Tab is filled out with date amount and company.
  • Email and telephone call follow up is done weekly to offer assistance in filling out the paperwork until paperwork is received back.
  • Email receipt confirmation is sent when application is received. Application is reviewed, completed and faxed in for soft copy to be obtained in Client Data Bank file, client’s folder.
  • Faxed copy is sent to insurance company and Fedexed originals to the insurance company along with illustration.
  • Approval is monitored weekly by sending requests for update to company. Updates to client every two weeks or in between if questions are asked or additional information needs to be obtained from client.
  • Paramed company may need to be called to obtain copy of exam to forward to insurance company.
  • Once we receive approval rating from underwriting client is notified with email detailing rating and to schedule Execute meeting.
  • As approved illustrations are ran for meeting.
  • Issue Instructions are obtained and given in next action. New illustrations to match are ran and issue instructions are sent to company.
  • Once policies arrive, Theresa puts insurance information on Insurance tab in Database. Policies are reviewed for accuracy and illustrations are put inside along with contact us sheets, Prosperity Principles, and business card Cover letter is typed and Invoice prepared outlining payment modes. Policy delivery is marked with sign here stickers and all is sent to client through tracked courier along with return envelope.
  • Theresa follows up with client weekly until policy delivery signatures and premium is received.
  • Received “your policy is now in force” email is sent to client, their status is changed from underwriting to placed, in Database record, Review month is updated and P4P Tab is completed.
  • Policy delivery is scanned into CDB file and copy faxed to company. Originals are sent to company.
  • Annual review is set for 6 month out.


Cover letter to accompany application

March 10, 2010


308 Whaley Lane

Sulphur Rock AR  72579

Dear Client,

Attached is an application for life insurance approval with Life Insurance Company.  We have ordered a physical exam for you through a local Paramed company and they should be in touch with you shortly to schedule a convenient time and place to complete the exam.   Their local office is _________, and their phone number is _______________.  For the dollar amount we are applying, it will just be a medical questionnaire and urinalysis.

Thank you for signing by X’s as indicated on the enclosed pages of the application, and for filling out all the 4 sections numbered,  as applicable.  We will current date them for you and  submit to the insurance company once returned.   I have included a return FedEx envelope for your convenience.

Once submitted, the insurance company may call you to verify the information we have submitted, and I will stay in touch with you by email or phone to ask you any questions that come up in the approval process.

Please call or email me with any questions or let me know if there is any way I can be of assistance to you as you fill out the application.

Thank you,

Insurance Approval Process Email

I will be helping you through the approval process with ____ Life Insurance Company.  A FedEx package is on it’s way to you with paperwork to sign for life insurance approval with ______ Life Insurance Company.  In addition, we have ordered a physical exam for you through your local Paramed company office and they should be in touch with you directly to schedule a convenient time to complete the exam at your home.

Because we are asked for original signatures, you can either mail or FedEx  the paperwork back to me at address below.  I have included a return FedEx envelope prepared for your convenience.

I will stay in touch with you by email or phone to ask you any questions that come up in the approval process.

Please call or email me with any questions or let me know if there is any way I can be of assistance to you as you fill out the application.

Thank you,


Cover letter to accompany policy delivery

Date: __________

Client and Client Spouse



Dear Client and Spouse,

Your life insurance applications have been approved, and enclosed are your new whole life policies.

  • There are signatures on attached pages that need to be returned in order to place your policies in force.
  • Please make your personal check out to ____________. Invoice is enclosed.
  • Please keep the policies yourselves.
  • If dating the documents, date them the same as your personal check is dated.

Thank you for returning your signed forms and checks in enclosed return FedEx envelope.

It has been a pleasure working with you during the approval process.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email myself or Kim at anytime.

Your Partner For Prosperity,

Unbelievable Thinking

Poverty Thinking                vs.                Prosperity Thinking

Focus on cutting costs
Reduce involvement
Stops dreaming
Decreased motivation
Hoards cash
Paralyzed decision making process
Holding back constantly
Seeks outside approval

Brainstorms ways to increase income
Works on self-improvement
Sets attainable goals
Celebrates baby steps
Keeps money moving
Trusts that crisis = opportunity
Moves forward, in some form
Gives gratitude
Builds internal confidence

Email Templates for Real Estate Calculator

Real Estate Calculator

Thanks for expressing interest in Investment Real Estate.

I’ve attached a Real Estate Calculator from www.TruthConcepts.com that helps us gather the information necessary to analyze an Investment Real Estate Deal.  There is also a fillable template if you’d like to return it to me so I can calculate your particular deal.

You can also read through this blog post that explains the calculator.   http://truthconcepts.com/how-do-i-tell-if-my-real-estate-deal-is-a-good-one/

Additionally, you can buy it for $200 at http://truthconcepts.com/buy-now/real-estate-analysis/