1. Dollar cost averaging into mutual funds, drips, gold, silver, precious gems and minerals, etc.? Use Cash Flow Calculator to show average versus actual. – http://truthconcepts.com/average-does-not-equal-actual/
  1. Term insurance with no conversion ability? show Funding Calculator which proves Whole Life Insurance is a great place to store cash. http://truthconcepts.com/buy-now/funding-illustration/
  1. Qualified Plan? Show Qualified Plan calculator with and without match.  http://truthconcepts.com/the-whole-truth-about-qualified-plans/
  1. Any general investment strategy? Accumulation Calculator  http://truthconcepts.com/?s=accumulation&submit=Search
  1. Show the opportunity cost of  529 plans using the Education Calculator or the Cash Flow Calculator : http://truthconcepts.com/how-to-calculate-the-lost-opportunity-cost-of-the-typical-way-to-educate-kids/
  1. Pre-paying mortgages? Show Loan Analysis and work them through a 15 year versus 30 year loan strategy so they can see the whole truth. You can find an example of this in the Busting the Interest Rate Lies book on Amazon or come to truthconcepts.com/truth-training to get the rest of the story
  1. Real Estate Investment? Real Estate (with Primary Residence button checked if for home and not checked if for investment real estate.) http://truthconcepts.com/how-do-i-tell-if-my-real-estate-deal-is-a-good-one/    See further below for an email we send.
  1. If You are brand new in the business and not sure what to show? Consider using any of these 8 youtube videos (in order or piecemeal) https://www.youtube.com/user/TruthConcepts